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Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used and typically one of the smallest areas of any house. Since many items such as cleaning supplies, towels, and cosmetics are stored in bathrooms, bathroom organization can be difficult. Accordingly, it is extremely important to decorate bathrooms efficiently. Taking the right steps easily makes any small bathroom useful. Bathrooms can be organized with some simple but effective modifications.

In order to organize a bathroom, first, the types of sanitary ware must be compatible with the dimensions of the bathroom. Typically, these ceramic products such as washbasins, WCs, and shower trays are the most space-occupying parts in bathrooms. Therefore, if such products are not selected in proportion to the size of the bathroom, the elbow room may be restricted or there may be no space for other items that should be kept in the bathroom. Furthermore, choosing rounded models instead of angular or geometric products can also help to make bathrooms look wider.

VitrA's Plural collection designed and produced up to the finest details can be selected to create a unique decoration style in the bathroom. The collection's stylish and elegant vessel washbasins can create an extremely pleasant atmosphere, especially in small bathrooms.

Bathroom Organizers

Bathroom accessories, which are the most practical way to create a neat and stylish decoration in the bathroom environment, make bathrooms more appealing. Bathroom organizers are also frequently preferred products to effectively utilize the space in the bathroom. Especially the bathroom unit organizers allow for storing many items in an orderly manner making room for other items. Keeping items with similar functionality in bathroom organizers both prevents the spillage of liquid products and boosts practicality. VitrA's boldly lean Equal collection helps prevent mess thanks to its versatile and stylish leather baskets.
Towels are also among the items that take up a lot of space in bathrooms. Hangers can be used in the units for towels that may cause a crowded and messy appearance behind the door to create a spacious environment. Besides, wall-hung heaters also make frequently used hand towels look orderly.

Useful and Handy Bathroom Organization Ideas

Bathroom units are among the especially preferred items for bathrooms to be clean and tidy. The interior design of bathroom units is as important as the exterior to create an organized look. The units, also known as washbasin units, can be used to store cleaning supplies such as detergent and soap. Personal care items that are permanently kept in the bathroom can be orderly stored with the help of mirror units. Mirror units with LED lighting can also contribute to the elegance of the environment.
Another way to use the space efficiently is the utilization of various upper laundry organizers. Thanks to the metal-framed shelves placed on top of the washer or dryer, it is possible to make room for frequently used items to which one needs easy access. Many items, such as towels, toilet paper, and detergents, can be stored orderly on metal shelves above the washer. As an alternative to this purpose, a laundry unit may also be preferred. These extremely useful products ensure that there is a laundry box right next to the washer.

Bathroom Organization Ideas from VitrA

Since many items are kept in bathrooms, which are one of the most frequently used parts of any house, it may be difficult to organize them. Thanks to the bathroom furniture carefully designed by VitrA, any bathroom can be practically organized. Designed to create flexible spaces, the Voyage collection presents decorative bathroom organizer shelves that combine functionality and elegance. Products involving different sizes of shelves in a single panel allow for storing the items in an organized way and enhance bathroom decoration with their unique design.
Using floor-to-ceiling units to make the bathroom look spacious both contributes to the decoration and makes room for storing items in the bathroom. A model compatible with decoration can be selected among these bathroom organizer unit models designed in a tall and thin shape. Tall bathroom unit options with a laundry basket at the bottom can save you from the trouble of keeping an extra laundry basket in the bathroom.
Collections On This Page
  • Plural presents the bathroom as the new heart of the home. The organic shapes and neutral colours bring a sense of warmth and domesticity and the furniture pieces can be styled in numerous different combinations.
  • Equal represents the equilibrium between the rational and the sensual. It employs basic geometric forms obsessively shaped by simplicity, embracing at the same time natural organic forms.
  • Designed by Arik Levy in collaboration with Design Studio VitrA, Voyage is a system offering new possibilities for a peaceful mind. Motivated by the premise that time spent in the bathroom is not just a physical experience, but rather is an interval, Voyage creates a space where the mind and body meet, where the emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual’s existence are stimulated. Understanding that this most human personal experience deserves an individualised space, the product range offers the tools to customise this area and enhance the spiritual experience.
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    Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used and typically one of the smallest areas of any house. Since many items such as cleaning supplies, towels, and cosmetics are stored in bathrooms, bathroom organization can be difficult.
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  • Bathroom Decoration Ideas
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