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Stylish & Modern Bathrooms

Bathrooms are areas that can successfully complement the decoration of a house if designed gracefully. Furniture and accessories used in the bathrooms of today's modern houses are chosen by taking into account the overall decoration of the house.

Luxury bathroom furniture stands out not only with aesthetic details but also with functional features. By choosing natural colors and practical furniture for bathroom decoration, you can create modern and peaceful spaces that fit the general atmosphere of your home.

Modern bathroom furniture often has curvy or slightly angular details. To achieve a modern style in bathroom decoration, bathroom units, Taps & Mixers, washbasins, and bathroom accessories should be in harmony with each other. It is also very important to create a spacious area where the dimensions and shapes of the products are compatible with the size of the bathroom. In order to design bathrooms that are both aesthetically pleasing and make life easier, you can choose bathroom furniture made of quality materials with user-oriented details.

Stylish & Modern Bathroom Decoration

Luxury bathroom designs aim to achieve a spacious and tidy atmosphere as well as a stylish one. For this reason, in luxury bathroom decoration, you should avoid using furniture that will narrow the space in areas excluding wet areas. Bathroom units can be used to store cleaning products or personal items. It is very important to choose the right material for the bathroom surfaces. Using ceramic or porcelain tiles is an ideal choice to preserve the clean look of bathrooms for many years.

When it comes to modern bathroom designs, you should consider spacious, bright, and clean bathrooms with simple lines. Standing out with its smooth curves and minimalist lines, the Equal collection offers an experience that meets the changing needs and expectations of users.

Luxurious bathroom designs are usually far from the classical approach and are seen in areas where minimalist pieces are used. Combining minimalism with elegance, the Origin collection allows for creating distinctive bathrooms with its smooth lines. Complementing ultra-luxurious bathrooms with extraordinary Taps & Mixers, this collection successfully adapts to all styles thanks to different color alternatives.

In houses designed with an exclusive aesthetic approach, bathrooms are spaces designed to facilitate relaxation and recreation. Personalizing this space is very important to achieve an authentic home decoration. Developed to make spaces flexible, the Voyage collection challenges ordinary bathroom designs by being customized with easily combinable and detachable pieces.

Stylish & Modern Bathroom Accessories

A modern and eye-catching bathroom decoration is about creating comfortable and functional spaces. Bathroom accessories are products that present effective results via small details. Characteristic and stylish accessories that adapt to changing needs are an absolute must for creating unique spaces. In today's luxury bathrooms, many prefer bathroom accessories with minimalist, plain and soft lines and natural colors. An accurate color combination is also very important in bathroom decoration. Other furniture, ceramics, and shower systems as well as accessories should be in harmony with the bathroom furniture.

Standing out with their user-friendly designs, VitrA bathroom accessories aim to add elegance and functionality to bathrooms. VitrA's collections include various luxury bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders, soap holders, shelves, and bathrobe hooks. It is quite easy to make choices that suit personal needs and styles from among VitrA's wide range of products. VitrA bathroom accessories help users use even narrow and small spaces efficiently.

Collections On This Page
  • Designed by Arik Levy in collaboration with Design Studio VitrA, Voyage is a system offering new possibilities for a peaceful mind. Motivated by the premise that time spent in the bathroom is not just a physical experience, but rather is an interval, Voyage creates a space where the mind and body meet, where the emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual’s existence are stimulated. Understanding that this most human personal experience deserves an individualised space, the product range offers the tools to customise this area and enhance the spiritual experience.
  • Origin portrays a delicate minimalism. With slender edges, fine details and contemporary colours, Origin offers a charming final touch to the bathroom.
  • Bringing Scandinavian style into the bathroom, this furniture range is designed to complement the popular Sento WC pan.
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