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How to Ensure Hygienic Cleaning In Bathrooms?

Hygiene should be constantly taken into consideration in every aspect of daily life. It is necessary to pay extra attention to the cleanliness of bathrooms due to the fact that they are common areas of use, and they often come into contact with water and remain moist for a long time. There are different and effective solutions to make bathrooms look as clean as on the first day.

Tips for Hygienic Bathrooms

When it comes to bathroom hygiene, the first thing coming to mind may be the cleanliness of WCs, washbasins, tiles, and floor, but a comprehensive bathroom cleaning should also include toothbrush holders, door handles, lamp switches, and faucets. A bathroom cannot be considered hygienic enough if such surfaces are not cleaned. For hygienic bathroom cleaning, these areas should not be neglected, and since they are contact surfaces, extra care should be taken to use safe products that do not pose a threat to human health.

Bathroom organization has a great effect on maintaining a clean appearance for a long time. Various bathroom accessories can be used so that bathrooms look very neat and clean for a long time. Bathroom accessory sets, towel holders, and decorative baskets help bathrooms look more organized. In addition to accessories, the use of bathroom furniture is also a very effective method in the organization of bathrooms.
The Sento collection offers innovative and attractive solutions to those who want to eliminate mess and disorder in bathrooms. Remarkable with its curved, modern, and simple design, this collection helps bathrooms look more spacious thanks to the large storage space it offers.

WC Cleaning

WC cleaning is one of the most important steps that should be followed to have hygienic bathrooms. It is recommended to pour an effective cleaning agent with known contents into the WC and wait for at least 15 minutes prior to cleaning the WC. Then, the inner chamber can be cleaned with water and a toilet brush. Once the inner chamber is cleaned, the outer parts of the WC must be cleaned with the help of a sponge used only for cleaning the WC. Those who want to use WC cleaners with healthier contents but do not want to compromise on hygiene may prefer the V-Care Smart WC model, which is coated through a special double-glazing method. This helps WCs remain spotless and clean for many years without the need for substances that pollute the water and threaten human health.

Washbasin Cleaning

Being used repeatedly during the day, the washbasin and its cleaning are of vital importance for the protection of the health of the users. Washbasin cleaning typically starts with the application of a cleaning agent on the washbasin mixer. In order to remove lime scale and water stains, it is recommended to wait for a few minutes and then clean the surface using a sponge. Finally, the cleaning product is rinsed and the surface is completely dried using a clean and dry cloth. Humid areas are the best friends of bacteria and germs. Therefore, cleaned areas must be dried.

Tile Cleaning

Cleaning of tiles is much easier compared to other places in bathrooms. However, it is a process that requires extra care and attention as tiles can be damaged if the correct cleaning agents are not used. Hard chemical products used for quick cleaning can cause the ceramic surfaces to be worn and stained. In order to avoid that, products specially produced for ceramic surfaces should be preferred.

Tile cleaning starts from the wall surfaces and ends with the floor tiles. First, a surface cleaner is applied to the tiles and the tiles are scrubbed using a soft sponge. Then, the ceramic surfaces are dried using a clean cloth to complete the tile cleaning. Although tiles are produced so as to be resistant to moisture, staying wet or damp for a long time can increase bacterial growth. Therefore, after cleaning, tiles should be dried and the bathroom should be ventilated.

Mirror Cleaning

Mirrors, which are mostly used for decorative purposes, are among the indispensable items in bathrooms. Bathroom mirrors, which need to be cleaned carefully for a nice appearance, can get dirty even immediately after cleaning due to the use of water, toothpaste, and soap. Therefore, it is recommended to clean mirrors as often as possible to have them spotless all the time. The first stage of mirror cleaning is the removal of stains using a clean and damp cloth. Then, liquid glass cleaning agents are used and the mirror is wiped again using a cloth. The mirror should be dried using a dry cloth to prevent water spots.

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