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VitrA invests in growth

    VitrA has made a TL250 million (£35m) investment in expanding its manufacturing plant in Bozüyük, Turkey. The additional production line has increased its sanitaryware manufacturing capacity by 1.1 million units, giving a total of 5.6 million units a year – putting the brand in a leading position to meet increased demand from Europe.

    Growth from European countries, including the UK, was a key factor for this latest investment at the Bozüyük complex. The project was completed in two phases and has added 40 thousand square meters of new production space, creating close to 500 new jobs. Thanks to its increased capacity, which makes extensive use of robotic systems, VitrA aims to increase its exports by 40 million euros in the period ahead. The VitrA brand already accounts for more than half of all ceramic sanitary ware exported from Turkey.

    Levent Giray, managing director of VitrA in the UK, said "This is a significant investment for the business that demonstrates our commitment to growth throughout Europe. VitrA is enjoying huge success here in the UK thanks to the development of products that are created specifically for the UK market."

    VitrA was the first brand in Turkey to establish a modern ceramics plant, the first to export ceramics, and the first to create an R&D centre for bathroom research.

    In his speech at the opening ceremony, Group Chairman Bülent Eczacıbaşı noted that the domestic share of value-add created by Turkey's ceramics exports was at a record high of 82 per cent. "We've created a whole new production infrastructure at the new facility that blends technology and human labour. VitrA's growth in international markets contributed to our decision to make this investment. VitrA is one of the leaders in Europe's ceramics industry, with expertise acquired from over 60 years in the business. We're very proud of our powerful position and the fact that VitrA contributes to more than half of Turkey's ceramic sanitary ware exports."

    Ali Aköz, Eczacıbaşı Group Vice Presidentsaid, "As always, one of our top priorities in this investment was occupational health and safety, in line with our principle of "people first". The robotic systems we're using here increase both our productivity and enhance the working conditions for our employees. Robotics has allowed us to increase the number of women working on our production lines - a priority for us - and one that reflects the Eczacıbaşı Group's commitment to providing equal opportunities for women."
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    VitrA introduces Liquid - a new range designed in collaboration with Tom Dixon. Liquid is the first ever bathroom range by the acclaimed British designer. The range is the latest addition to VitrA’s portfolio of designer collaborations, part of a long-standing programme of working with world-renowned designers to create distinctive, modern bathroom collections to complement any washroom space The range reflects VitrA's all-encompassing approach to hygiene, ergonomics and safety, performance and quality as well as aesthetics, through the combination of peerless manufacturing capabilities with world-renowned designers and design studios.
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    Liquid, a unique collaboration between Tom Dixon and VitrA, took two awards at the world-renowned International Forum (iF) Design Awards 2022. Liquid has already won design awards from both Wallpaper* and Red Dot, and at iF, it took a gold award, one of only 73 awarded, beating 11 thousand entries from 57 countries.
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    VitrA received four new awards at Good Design Awards 2021, an award program in its 71st year of recognizing design excellence.
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