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    • VitrA Protect

      The VitrA Protect process is an additional treatment carried out at the manufacturing stage for polished porcelain tiles. Eliminating the need for time-consuming anti-staining treatments at the laying stage, this innovative treatment seals the tiny micropores of polished tiles, making it impossible for dirt to penetrate – all without affecting a tile’s beautifully polished appearance.

    • VitrA Deluxe
    • VitrA Photoactive

      Self-cleaning photocatalytic tiles, sustained by light and moisture in the air.

      VitrA Photoactive tiles are coated with nanosized titanium dioxide (TiO2). Thanks to the photocatalytic properties of the coating, the tiles are self-cleaning. The coating also eliminates the unpleasant odors and air pollutants.

      Especially ideal for outdoor use, hi-tech VitrA Photoactive tiles are activated by light and humidity. The titanium dioxide coating not only eliminates odors, it cleans the air as well by decomposing air pollutants upon contact.

      Titanium dioxide inhibits bacterial growth and eliminates other microorganisms and other pollutants through a process of oxidation which supplies the antibacterial, antialgal and antifungal properties to VitrA Photoactive tiles.

      VitrA Photoactive can be applied on all residential tiles.